Administrative Assistance
For Judgment Processing

Back-Office Assistance

We understand the volume of administrative work that goes into managing judgments. To help our clients operate more efficiently, we offer assistance with back-office tasks, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. Our experienced administrative staff can provide you aid with time-consuming tasks including judgment assignments, media management, and other manual processes that may be needed to manage judgment portfolios.

Comprehensive Client Services Partnership

Our comprehensive client services program is the foundation for our relationship with our clients. We assist our clients with the management of account portfolios, delving deeply into, manipulating and analyzing data to improve bottom-line performance.

We built our client services team around data, hiring mathematicians of multiple disciplines to help us better understand how to unlock value from accounts. Our team works with clients to create custom reporting and key-performance-indices to display actionable data and drive decision making.  

Our team integrates into our clients existing processes and systems for seamless integration. We understand our role as an extension of our clients business and work diligently to offer world-class support services for our clients.

Media Management

Managing and reviewing account documentation is a time-consuming but essential process in obtaining and managing judgments. Our administrative team has experience managing all varieties of account documentation including the scanning and digitization of document data, data entry, or both. Clients benefit from the solutions we have developed for the most common issues associated with managing account documentation.

Completing the paperwork for assignment of judgments and substitutions of attorney is often a manual process. Our experienced administrative staff can help you quickly and accurately review account documentation and prepare the necessary paperwork. We understand the assistance our clients require with these processes, either regularly or occasionally, and we are prepared to help.

Compliance and Servicer Oversight

There are many manual administrative tasks that can complicate the performance of judgment accounts. CenterPoint Legal Solutions’ flexible administrative team stands ready to create custom solutions for whatever challenges may arise in the collection and recovery of your receivables portfolios.

We pride ourselves on our capacity to assist our clients with any needed manual processes related to the recovery of account balances. Our proficiency in our processes, as well as our ability to adapt to new needs quickly and systematically, makes us the perfect partner for originating creditors or receivables investment firms.