In the collection of accounts receivables, a judgment is a validation by the courts of the balance legally owed. CenterPoint Legal Solutions has developed expertise around the process of obtaining judgments the courts and executing on those judgments to recover money for our clients.

CenterPoint Legal Solutions was created around our intricate knowledge of how to unlock value from judgment pools. Our expertise includes skip tracing accountholders, locating assets, and executing post-judgment remedies that result in the collection of your dollars. We create cash flow from dormant judgments by using our combination of experienced hands-on Asset Verification Specialists and technology to continually monitor for assets.

Unlocking Value

Creditors often obtain judgments on accounts but are unable to execute the judgments to create cash flow. This is frustrating for creditors who, despite their best efforts, make investments in attorneys and court fees to obtain the judgment, but are still unable to start collecting money.

CenterPoint Legal Solutions is centered around our ability to unlock the value of your judgment pools and create higher returns from this account segment. We understand the complex environment around judgment remedies and executions across the United States. We provide the reliable guidance and data our clients need to recover the most cash flow from their judgments.

Judgment Enforcement

CenterPoint Legal Solutions assists each client with navigating the complex landscape of judgment enforcement remedies. Each U.S. jurisdiction has judgment enforcement laws that vary in type, calculation, and execution procedure. We understand the intricacies of these processes. Our experienced executive management team has decades of experience finding and unlocking value from non-performing judgments.

We continually outperform our competitors by leveraging our experienced service provider network and our proprietary systems, processes, and data analytics that identify opportunities for judgment enforcement. Our entire business was created around our unique ability to maximize the performance of judgment pools by extracting cash flow from previously dormant or otherwise non-performing judgment accounts.

Asset Monitoring

Our team monitors our clients’ judgment pools to identify opportunities to enforce judgment remedies and create income for our clients. We understand the key attributes that signal a consumer’s ability to fulfill an obligation to repay a judgment either voluntarily or through wage garnishment, asset liens, or other judgment remedies available in the consumer’s jurisdiction.

Non-performing judgment inventory is properly monitored for the highest ethical standards of compliance. Our skilled monitoring team uses a refined process that monitors and targets specific available execution strategies. Monitored judgments trigger live-person account reviews to validate and update changing information. Once an asset is identified for judgment enforcement, we quickly take action to start recovering funds for our clients.