Organization History

CenterPoint Legal Solutions is a receivables management master servicer assisting creditors with recovering non-performing accounts and judgments.

Headquartered in Roseville, MN our company has been providing high-quality servicing, judgment enforcement, skip tracing, and back-office support since 2010.

Commitment to Quality

Our full-scale solutions provide unmatched results. We create value through our comprehensive analysis and oversight while our hands-on management style ensures an exceptional customer experience that reduces risk while protecting your brand. CenterPoint Legal Solutions constantly strives to deliver superior results through our skilled team, unique systems, and compliant processes.


To provide creditors a transparent full-service recovery solution driven by data and enhanced by experienced human touch that delivers accuracy, reliability, and results for all consumers, clients, and stakeholders.


CenterPoint Legal Solutions has cultivated a corporate culture that is focused on compliance while fostering a caring environment for our team. To continually improve performance and provide elevated experiences for our employees, clients, and all other company stakeholders.

Headshot of Aaron Rose


President and Chief Manager

Aaron has been in the ARM industry for 18 years and led CenterPoint Legal Solutions for the last 7 years.

Headshot of Mark Hutchins


Chief Operating Officer and Partner

With over 20 successful years in the ARM industry, Mark has held various positions in collections and recovery operations.

Headshot of Kacey Rask


VP Sales & Marketing

Kacey has over 8 years of experience building and managing legal networks with a focus on oversight and compliance documentation.

Headshot of Shannon Battani


VP Operations

With over 23 years in the ARM industry, Shannon oversees CenterPoint’s Legal Network, Agency Network, Media and Skip Tracing.


VP Client Services

Whitney has more than a decade of experience in litigation, acquisitions, compliance, and managing law firms, legal networks, and collection activities.