Finding Assets
To Improve Bottom Line Recovery Results

Skip Tracing

CenterPoint Legal Solutions provides the most comprehensive asset location and verification services available across all 50 states. We deploy our state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to uncover and verify assets for improving collection results. By capturing, measuring, and analyzing unique data sets our highly trained team delivers bottom line results. 

We look beyond the standard data sources for contact information and employ highly trained investigators who leave no stone unturned when locating an account holder. Our investigators have the knowledge, skills and tools for success. The true secret to our proven skip tracing results is the determination to find account holders and our continual drive for innovation, finding new ways to improve results.

Our team customizes the approach to each portfolio leveraging our experience and data to optimize work efforts to help us exceed performance goals while minimizing the cost to the client.

CenterPoint Legal Solutions customizes our approach for each client and each portfolio. We understand that a different mix of effort may be required to optimize the balance between performance and price. We offer a no-hit no fee service with a 90 day guarantee on verified employment. We offer three different styles of skip tracing products, each customized on a per client and portfolio basis to yield the best results.

Technology & People

Successful skip tracing requires a combination of data, skills and determination. We have built our business around our experience managing this delicate balance to optimize skip tracing results. Detailed analytics, intricate verification processes, and a skilled investigator to connect the dots, enables us to turn raw data into actionable intelligence our clients can use to unlock value. 

CenterPoint Legal Solutions invests significantly into the recruitment, hiring, and continuous training of our skip tracing investigators. Our investigators are trained to read between the lines and solve the asset location puzzle. We pride ourselves on the exceptional performance of our skip tracers and know that they are a driving force behind our success. Our investigators are trained to leave no stone unturned and to view each account as an opportunity to think outside the box and come up with unique ways to locate assets.

Waterfall Process

Finding someone who does not want to be found can be a difficult challenge. Many consumers with accounts in collections will take additional steps to conceal sources of income, assets, and even the location of their residence. To achieve the results our clients expect, we have developed a waterfall process that enables us to efficiently and accurately assess variables and pair accounts with strategies that will maximize our clients’ ROI.

Each stage of our waterfall process is distinctive and uses different data and resources to locate account holders and their assets. We continually test and refine our process using information collected through managing millions of accounts for our clients.

Verification and Compliance

Skip tracing and asset verification requires a delicate balance to optimize results. CenterPoint Legal Solutions carefully evaluates each stage in our skip tracing process to ensure that our investigators are representing our clients in a clear and professional manner that protects our clients’ brands. Our relentless attention to our people and legal compliance is evidenced in the way our investigators work. 

We implement ongoing compliance and regulatory training for our investigators to ensure they understand federal, state, and jurisdictional laws. We carefully monitor quality control using random audits, call-recording reviews, and agent scorecards to ensure we always provide the highest-quality service possible.