Accounts Receivable


CenterPoint Legal Solutions is a master legal servicing organization managing collection and recovery efforts for all stages of the account lifecycle, including delinquent and charged-off receivables. Our experienced team partners with our clients to provide management of all aspects of account recovery through our network of collection agencies, law firms, and other service providers. Working together, our network outperforms our competitors while maintaining strict compliance standards.

We provide predictable cash flow for our clients through our predictive analytics and industry experience. We integrate into our clients’ processes and technology to become an extension of their business.

Full Lifecycle Servicing

CenterPoint Legal Solutions provides full-service collection and recovery services for our clients at all stages of the account lifecycle. Based on each client’s specific needs and goals, we customize each engagement to provide just the right mix of services to maximize recovery performance. As a master servicer, we offer solutions for pre-litigation collections, obtaining judgments for accounts, skip tracing assets for judgment execution, and even back-office support for the administrative tasks associated with judgments.

Pre-litigation collections and obtaining judgments are done through our network of highly-experienced service providers, including professional collection agencies and collection law firms. We leverage our network, compliance framework, data analytics, and technology to provide best-in-class recovery services for our clients. We offer our clients the flexibility to choose their level of involvement in the recovery process. While some clients choose to be deeply involved in various aspects of the collections and recovery process, others prefer for CenterPoint Legal Solutions to manage the entire process.

CenterPoint Legal Solutions understands how to enforce judgments and provides clients with a detailed action plan for maximizing the value of their judgment pools. Our uncommon blend of skip tracing, asset location, and judgment enforcement strategies provides our clients with a clear path to account recovery. CenterPoint Legal Solutions applies all available legal remedies to creditors within the consumer’s jurisdiction. 

Data Investment

CenterPoint Legal Solutions strongly believes in quality data and analytics. Our company makes significant investments in the development of data sources as well as the creation of predictive analytics tools that provide us reliable data to take fast and effective action. Consumer information is dynamic and always changing; our proprietary tools and technologies enable us to keep our finger on the pulse of each consumer’s situation and monitor the changes in their life that can trigger the ability to repay outstanding balances.

We continually source new data from a variety of providers and manage it in a manner that makes it actionable in collections and recovery processes. Our team is constantly identifying innovative ways to extract value from your data to provide actionable intelligence about your accounts and the underlying consumers.

CenterPoint Legal Solutions continually measures and monitors account portfolios for changes, variations, and opportunities. We assist our clients with monitoring consumers to improve account recovery. Our team identifies factors that often lead to increased enforcement of judgments such as changes in employment and the sale of liened assets.


Compliance is at the heart of everything we do at CenterPoint Legal Solutions. We understand the complex regulatory environment affecting the receivables management business and we have the policies and procedures necessary to operate within the law. Our advanced auditing tools and practices ensure that all service providers in our network meet or exceed the high standards to which we hold ourselves.

Service Provider Network

CenterPoint Legal Solutions has developed a professional service provider network to assist with the collection and recovery of accounts receivable in all U.S. jurisdictions. Our network includes top-quality collection agencies, law firms, and other recovery-related service providers who come together to provide our superior balance of account performance and compliance.

All service providers in our network are experts within their jurisdictions and have the technology, tools, and people to seamlessly integrate into our business processes. CenterPoint Legal Solutions relies on our network to provide boots-on-the-ground in each jurisdiction while we provide them with the advanced analytics and technology essential for our network to maximize recovery performance.